The Story

MMT is a brand that began in 2017 by young black men in the New York City and Westchester area who had a passion for hosting events and organizing charitable community gatherings. The group organically adopted the motto "everybody eats" after realizing they were stronger, smarter, and more successful when the whole team and community worked together to accomplish common goals.

Today MMT hosts events around the country including festivals, concerts and charitable events. 

The clothing brand launched in 2021 when MMT community members inquired about garments. The team decided to create a clothing brand that would represent and integrate the charitable ideals that the brand was built on. There is now a charitable aspect with every release. When you wear MMT you should feel POWER in UNITY. 

Our goal is to spread our message of togetherness across every continent. Fashion is bigger than colors and designs, it's about expression of self.

We GROW together. We PROSPER together. We WIN together.

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